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Have you ever had that feel?  The feel when you just can’t hold all of those limes in your cosplay?  Well, my friend, this tip is all about carrying stuff.

Pockets and bags are some of the most useful weapons a cosplayer can have at his/her disposal.

If your character is drawn/created with pockets, good on ya, if you make them functional pockets, you’re good to go.  If your character has no pockets to be seen, and you’d like some for the necessities like a phone, a camera, a wallet etc., side seam pockets are easy to add to just about any pattern, and are practically invisible.  These are great especially for pants and fuller skirts that don’t have too much stretch in the fabric.

  • First cut out a semi-circular shape like the white in (a) that is big enough for your hand as well as the things you’d like to carry.  It doesn’t have to be too big, but it’d sure be a bummer if it was too small.  You’ll need four identical pieces of this shape cut right sides together.  Pin your pocket pieces to their corresponding sides right sides together where you’d like your pockets to be - just make sure they’ll all line up when they’re together, and sew along the straight edge right along the seam allowance line.
  • (b) press the seams you just have just sewn open so they’re nice and crisp and lovely.  It also wouldn’t hurt to iron them to the inside where they will live.
  • (c) with your pieces right sides together sew the entire side seam including the pocket in one go.  Just remember not to sew the pocket opening closed.
And there you have it!  A simple pocket solution for all of your pocket-y needs
Even better!  If your character comes with a bag - make the bag!  Even if it’s not necessary for the costume, it’s so handy to carry all of your things and all of the things you will presumably buy, and you won’t have to take it off for pictures if you so choose!  We’ve used (and have heavily modified) Simplicity 2358 to make bags for costumes in the past.  It comes in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs, and is very easy to modify on your own.
If your character doesn’t have a bag, but you can find one that looks like it would exist in the same world, that’s a great idea as well.
(You’re of course welcome to use one of your own bags for your things, we do all the time.  But even though nothing bad has ever happened, it can be quite nerve-wracking to set a bag down even for a short time at a convention in order to take a photo.)

*Image from Burda Style’s website.

Tip Tuesday: “Here, hold this for me…”
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